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Qizhong Ryder Cup

Red v.s Blue

As one of the traditional club tournaments, Qizhong Ryder Cup - Red v.s Blue has taken place for 4 years since 2014. Regarding with the novel competition format, it is considered as an innovation of amateur golf tournament. This 2-day tournament not only adopts professional operation for world-class tournaments but also takes account of the participation probability of amateur players. All participants, no more than 108, will be equally divided into 2 teams, Red and Blue. Participate could be club members, member guests and foreigners. The tournament combines 3 different match play competition formats which is individual, four ball and best ball. It is the captain’s bounden duty to lineup the team. 

Depending upon its unique competition format and experienced executive capability, the 1st Qizhong Ryder Cup gained a big success in 2014, which became a hot spot attracting extensive attention of golf insiders of East China. Moreover, the tournament enjoys more and more recognition and favorite from a series of sponsors. JSWB, a well-known brand of furniture, became the title sponsor of Qizhong Ryder Cup in 2016, and then JSWB·Qizhong Ryder Cup, 2016 came out, drawing in many golfers both from local and East China. 

2017 4th   |   2016 3rd   |   2015 2nd   |   2014 1st

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