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Course Design

Being one of the most experienced golf course designers in China, Mr. Lu Jun was invited as the main designer of Qizhong’s re-construction. He has engaged in golf design career for nearly 20 years and was awarded as a top 10 best Chinse designer by professional golf magazines. Besides his abundant experience in golf design, he fully understands the demands of local market and has participated in projects of many domestic award-winning golf courses. With the pursue of presenting a highest-standard golf course in Shanghai area with a more rational, prefect and international design, Dana Fry who works in Dana Fry Golf Design Limited was brought in to strengthen thedesign team as the design consultant. He worked with Mr. Lu Jun to consummatethe project. Dana Fry is one of the business partners of Hurdzan/Fry Environmental Golf Design which is a reputational golf course design company in America with a decisive position within the industry. The course of Erin Hill which is the course of US Open 2017, one of the four Grand Slam tournaments of golf, is designed by the company.

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