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Local Rules

※The rules of USGA will apply to any conditions at the golf course, unless the local rules provides otherwise.

※Distance unit of the golf course is yard, and the yardage on the Sprinkler head is measured from the front of the green.

※Boundary of the course is defined by white stake.

※Water Hazard is defined by yellow stake.

※Lateral Water Hazard is defined by red stake.

※Ground Under Repair is defined by white line.

※The tree well is Ground Under Repair.

※The flower garden areas is Lateral Water Hazard.

※Fans around the putting green are Immovable Obstructions.

※Ball around the tree supporting stake which is not in the flower garden areas can be dropped without penalty.

※Dropping Zones: Hole No.4,8,9,12,16 and 18.

※The golf cart must be driven on the golf path.

※Pay attention to the Pace of Pay. The maximum time allotted for the completion of every nine holes is two hours and fifteen minutes.

※There are 2 half-way houses on the course, located nearby the tee box of Hole No.5 and Hole No.15, respectively.

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